Quel rôle pour les entreprises ? Extrait d’une entrevue

Dans Fortune, le président du CA de AT&T revient sur le rôle des grandes entreprises dans nos sociétés contemporaines (Alan Murray et David Meyer, « AT&T chair Bill Kennard: ‘Legacy businesses have to disrupt themselves’ », 23 mars 2021)

Extrait :

« The board at AT&T, like all boards today, is focused on the role of corporations in society. Increasingly you are seeing corporations step into the vacuum where government leadership has sometimes failed or just can’t get the job done, and you are seeing corporations stepping up…Corporations are increasingly questioning, what is their role in society?  How do corporations help solve the challenges of income inequality and racial inequality in the country, and political instability? These are questions that corporations have to address in order to be successful in society.”

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