Responsabilité des entreprises et droits de l’Homme : quelles évolutions récentes ?

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Anna Triponel offre une très belle synthèse des évolutions récentes en matières de droits de l’Homme visant à responsabiliser davantage les grandes entreprises : « Human rights expectations of companies in recent laws » (août 2018). Les questions abordées sont nombreuses : what are the recent human rights-related laws we are seeing apply to companies? What are the reasons behind this surge in human rights-related legislation? Which companies are caught by these laws? What are companies required to do? What are the penalties for breaching these laws? How are companies responding? What are some key tips for companies seeking to implement these laws?


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So let’s travel back in time to ten years ago. This was part of the process when we were trying to clarify what does human rights mean for companies, and this ultimately resulted in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Ten years ago we initiated research to look into how corporate laws and securities laws were addressing human rights. And the answer was that they weren’t. There weren’t many laws that touched upon human rights at that point in time. Now, fast forward to today, of course we’ve seen a dramatic change:

  • The UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015.
  • The French Duty of Vigilance Law of 2017.
  • The upcoming Australian Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act.
  • The Swiss Responsible Business Initiative, which is under parliamentary debate.
  • The Dutch Child Labor Due Diligence Bill, which is under parliamentary debate.

These are just some examples but there are many more, so we have definitely seen a number of different human rights related legislation that are coming up on the books now.


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