Entreprises, solidarité et durabilité : le temps du droit

Durabilité et solidarité devraient être traduits dans le droit des entreprises et des affaires, tel est le message de la professeure Sjåfjell sur SSRN : Sjåfjell, Beate, Solidarity, Sustainability and the Role of Business, 29 juillet 2023, University of Oslo Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2023-04, Forthcoming in Research Handbook on International Solidarity Law (Edward Elgar 2024).

Résumé :

This chapter positions the debate on a UN declaration on the right to international solidarity within a research-based concept of sustainability and in light of the urgent need to regulate business for sustainability.

Solidarity is an inextricable element of sustainability as a goal and of a sustainable development – a development that brings us towards sustainability. With the current focus on financial and corporate risks of climate change and, more recently, of biodiversity loss, discussing the role of business through a solidarity lens brings the social aspects of sustainability more to the forefront.

I suggest that the principle of solidarity in international law, as reflected in the Revised draft declaration on human rights and international solidarity, should be broadened to fully encompass intersectionality and to include interspecies solidarity. I also propose that core elements of sustainability should be taken as legal concepts in the regulation of business, to realise the crucial potential of business to sustainability, including solidarity.

Drawing on a decade of collaborative research through international research projects, I indicate how reforms of law could facilitate sustainable business, and the importance of solidarity and its proper relevance for business – and the significance of business for international solidarity. I conclude the chapter with reflections on the potential and hope for change.

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