CIC : un modèle à souligner

Le professeur Cabrelli propose un bel article consacré à l’entreprise à mission britannique, la CIC : « A Distinct ‘Social Enterprise’ Law in the UK: The Case of the ‘CIC' ».

Extrait :

Although a CIC is a ‘hybrid’ institution possessing many of the features of the standard corporate framework, the purpose of this piece is to stress how the statutory provisions regulating these entities amount to something which can be conceptualised as producing a separate social enterprise law; separate in the sense of being autonomous from UK commercial or company law. The case is made that a separate UK social enterprise law does indeed exist as a result of the mandatory ‘asset-lock/maximum aggregate dividend and interest payment cap’ characteristic prevalent in the law governing the CIC. Finally, the article goes on to probe whether such an independent and self-contained layer of regulation is a desirable development from a practical and theoretical perspective, and if so, why.

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